What is hospitality control?

It only takes one check-out to realize why a smart hotel is a smart idea: Imagine a room in unoccupied status the moment your guest departs—automatically. The heating/cooling system powers down, the TV, lights and appliances follow. Now picture your Operations having the ability to manage, configure and update details remotely, from any Internet connection. And guests using one remote to control drapes, lights, temperature, TV, music, schedule wake-up calls, request valet, and more.

At Control4, we have the ideal standards-based, automation and energy management solutions for the hospitality industry. Flexible solutions that automatically impact your bottom-line and give you a priceless edge by redefining the guestroom experience.

So, the question isn't "How can we afford to do this?" Rather it's "Can we really afford not to?"

So... what do you want to control?


Heating and air conditioning can easily be turned down or off when a guest room is unoccupied, saving you thousands of dollars each year by not having HVAC systems running in unoccupied rooms. Guests can easily control the room temperature from the thermostat, touch screen or from the television’s on-screen user interface.

TV and Musics

With one remote, guests can easily select TV stations using graphical icons for stations and the system integrates seamlessly with a variety of video providers. Guests can listen to music from their own iPod or select music from the system by clicking on the jacket artwork, playing music in one room or having the music play throughout a suite.

Drapes and Shades

As the guest enters the room, the shades and drapes open to welcome the guest. On checkout, the shades and drapes will close to save costs for heating and cooling, and meet with LEED qualifications.

Wake Up

How many times have you been startled awake an hour too early to a hideous buzzing sound blaring from the alarm clock? Not the best guest experience to be sure. Control4 lets your guests easily personalize their wake-up routine—soft music or the morning news while the lights gently illuminate the room, the heat kicks up to the perfect temperature and, when they’re ready, the drapes open to welcome the morning sun.

Guest Services

Guests can request services from the bellman’s desk, valet, spa, golf club, front desk and more—right from a touchscreen or the TV in their room. You can choose from a wide range of services to offer your guests, while making back-end functions like mini-bar refills, housekeeping services and security settings more efficient to manage.

Energy Management

As a property manager you can set the lights and temperature to welcome your guests and automatically turn off when a room is unoccupied, giving you a powerful yet simple way to save energy and money. You can also enlist your guests’ help by allowing them to press a “green” button to participate in the hotel’s preferred green settings, automatically managing linen and towel service, temperature and lighting for maximum energy savings.


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