Control from anywhere

A connected home with Control4 means exactly that—you’re truly connected, even when you’re not there. Here are just a few examples of how our customers exercise anytime, anywhere control over virtually anything in their home:


  • Online access to double-check your doors were locked—and an opportunity to lock them if you need to
  • If the day turned out to be warmer than you thought, just sign in to your system from the Web and turn up the A/C so the house is cool when you get home
  • Getting home a little later than you thought? Use the Control4 iPhone interface to turn on the porch lights and a few others in the house so it looks like you’re home
  • Heading to the beach house for the weekend? While you’re sitting in traffic, you can turn on the A/C, crank up the hot-tub temperature and check the weather on the IP cameras
  • If your water heater sprang a leak, you don’t need to come home to a basement full of water; your system will send you an email or text alert that the water sensor has been triggered so you can stop the flow before it becomes a flood
  • It’s Tuesday after school and you get a text from your daughter: She forgot her house key—again. Just sign in to your system from your iPhone and unlock the door for her. No one in your weekly staff meeting ever has to know

So... what do you want to control?

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